1. How do I start adding an event, venue or performer profile?

First, please create a login via the Sign Up page, then an activation code will be emailed to you to verify you have access to the email you entered. Please login to your email and activate your login, then simply login and off you go. Any data you enter may be subject to approval before it is displayed to the general public.

2. I already have a website, so how would it help to list anything on www.a1events.com as well?

We aim to be the global source for events, venues and performers. People usually prefer to come to a single website where they can find the event, venue or performer profile they are looking for. Similarly someone looking for video clips might try YouTube first. From our website you can include a link to your website. Since events, venues and performer profiles on our website will be visible to search engines, you can add a link to your website which may help its ranking. If you add your events to our website, you can, if you prefer, link to your events page on our website from your personal website. This may even save you from having a webmaster to maintain your website. We have an easy-to-use interface that allows your events, venues and performer profiles to be created and listed, without requiring knowledge of html.

3. What kind of events can be listed and who can list events?

Almost any public event, venue and performer profile, no matter how small or large: events such as exhibitions and shows (e.g. wedding exhibition), fairs, festivals, music events, theatre/drama events, ethnic, cultural or religious events, markets (e.g. farmers markets), car boot sale, kids events, family events, events at pubs/bars/clubs, singles events, charity fundraisers, sports, and many more. Venue owners/managers/promoters and event organisers/promoters can list events.

4. What kind of venues can be listed and who can list them?

Almost any venue small or large that is available for public functions. These include hotels, halls, clubs, restaurants, and many more. Venue owners / managers / promoters can create and manage the details of their venue in our system. Event organisers / promoters can enter a venue for their event but they cannot then edit the venue.

5. What kind of performers can be listed and who can list a performer profile?

Performers such as dancers, magicians, acrobats, clowns, singers, and many more. The performer or the performer promoter can list a performer profile.

6. How much does it cost to be a user of your website and add venues, events or profile to your database?

Venues, events and profiles can be added for free.

7. How many pictures can I upload?

We do not have a set limit for the number of pictures you can upload. The upload limit is set by the amount of storage space taken up in total by all the pictures uploaded. Therefore, the less memory your pictures take up, the more pictures you can upload.

8. I have forgotten my password.

Please use the Forgot Password link on the Login page to have the activation code sent to you so that you can reset your password.

9. How do I advertise on your website?

Advertising options will be available in future. For now, please submit your advertising request via the Contact Us link on the top right of the page.

10. How can I get in touch with the website administrator for any questions or suggestions I have?

Please use the Contact Us link on the top right to contact us.